Executive Board

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Pastor William Oliver


Pastor Willie J. Oliver, Jr. was born in Perry, Florida to Willie and Anna Oliver. He is a 22-year retired Navy Chief. He is a combat veteran who served on the front lines in several combat operations with the USMC as Fleet Marine Force Hospital Corpsman.


He is married to the lovely and beautiful, Lady Alexxa M. Oliver. They have six children, Joshua Kenneth Oliver, Jasmine Chloe Oliver, Jean’na Alexa Oliver, Jayda Jahmariah Oliver, Willie J. Oliver, III (Joey), Jalen Ezekiel Oliver.


Pastor Willie J. Oliver, Jr is a simple man known for his desire to always help those in need. Together with his wife, they started a nonprofit organization called “Man And Woman Of God Ministry, which has evolved into the "U. R. Important Foundation” designed to help the community with their needs.  

Pastor O along with his wife Lady O started Grace and Truth Worship Ministry (GATWM) on 01 May 2014 in Lake Elsinore, CA. GATWM is a restoration ministry designed to “Restore Souls Into Christ’s Worship.” Under the guidance of Christ, Pastor O is teaching and preaching the restoration of the Total Man “Wholly,” Spiritually, Physically, Financially, Individually/Family and Community. Being a strong restoration ministry, Grace and Truth Worship Ministry’s mantra is “Come Experience Relationship, Not Religion.”


In 2015, Pastor Oliver join NAACP Branch 1034 with the premise of helping the community of Lake Elsinore in any capacity. In 2017, he accepted the position of Religious Chair. As Religious Chair, he was instrumental in uniting the Religious Community and Law Enforcement with the ideologies of the NAACP with his Clergy Roundtable Meetings. He was also instrumental with assisting in forming Town Hall Meetings during periods of civil unrest in the Inland Empire. In 2019, he was selected as 2nd Vice of the Branch, and he was vital in assisting in justice for minority children who were unfairly treated in various schools in the Inland Empire.

In 2020, Pastor Oliver became the President of NAACP Branch 1034. Since becoming President, the Branch has seen resurgence in fighting injustices on all fronts of the NAACP Six Game Changers: Economic Sustainability, Education, Health, Public Safety and Criminal Justice, Voting Rights and Political Representation and Expanding Youth and Young Adult Engagement. Pastor Oliver embraces and promotes the NAACP Branch 1034 motto, “Change Is On The Rise.”


Rosie Brady

Acting Vice President

I joined NAACP branch 1034 in 2018 after being invited to a women's meeting. I observed the need for administrative support and decided early in my career that if there is a way to be a part of supporting a good cause or someone, jump right in and "Just Do It". 


My professional background includes over 30 years managing productivity in medical device manufacturing in San Diego, Temecula and Irvine, California.  


Mary Venerable


Mary Venerable is the Treasurer and Legal Redress Chair of NAACP Branch 1034.  She has been with the Branch since 1991 after moving from Los Angeles to Lake Elsinore. During her years of membership, she has held positions as Secretary, Vice President and President is now the Treasurer and Chair of the Legal Redress Committee. In 2018, Mary was given a NAACP/W.I.N. 2018 Leadership Award for her action as President of the Branch and in recognition of her dedication, leadership and many years of service. In February 2021, Mary was one of four recipients to receive the NAACP Legacy Award. She is now known as the Matriarch of the Branch, after reaching the age of 87.  

Her background experience includes: 20 years of Personnel /Human Relations Management experience with the Navy Department during which she became the first African American Personnel Director in the Navy Department.  She became the first black Personnel Analyst with the U.S. Civil Service Commission in Los Angeles of the Federal Government – retiring in 1982.  Retirement lasted one month when she was offered a job as Assistant to the Personnel Director of the Los Angeles Community College District. This was also a first as an African American. After 13 years with the Community College District, she retired for the second time  in 1991. During these years and after retirement, she also served as a consultant to federal retirees, in both Northern and Southern California, in matters of Federal Benefits, and she also conducted classes for federal employees regarding Pre-retirement Counseling.

In her “retirement life”, she volunteered and still holds several positions with several federal retirement organizations. She is the Service Officer with the National Active and Retired Federal Employee Association for both Northern and Southern California; District III Vice President with the California Federation of Chapters organization and Chapter 478 (Southwest Riverside County) Service Office and advisor. In 2019, she retired from the position of Community Advisor with the Riverside Transportation Advisory Commission, County of Riverside.

She lost her husband after 52 years of marriage, and she has two sons, three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.


Mary’s theme for staying young has always been, “Help people, Stay active, Love God and Keep the faith”.