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Fundraiser - Preparing Our Children for Distance Learning

The NAACP realizes that the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected not only the lives of working men and women in this country, but it has also affected the lives of our children. Many school districts will only be operating virtually when school reopens. This places a burden on some minority families that have no computers at home or who have no internet service or service that cannot support the bandwidth needed for online learning.
NAACP Branch 1034 SW Riverside Chapter will identify the most economically challenged K-12 schools in Corona, Murrieta, Perris, Temecula, Menifee, Norco, Canyon Lake, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Sun City to donate computers, school supplies, and internet service to black and minority students who lack the tools for effective virtual learning. Our goal is to provide turnkey equipment and accessories with updated software to local families. 

In order to ensure a successful and equitable virtual learning experience, we are requesting the following:


  • Cash donations

  • New laptops (Chromebooks or MacBook's)

  • Refurbished laptop computers (Chromebooks or MacBook's)

  • Internet wi-fi service

  • In-kind donations of IT services to help students set up equipment.

Your donation to the NAACP Back-to-School supply drive will support families without the technology to support the learning needs of their children. The current limit is one computer per family of four. This standard makes it extremely difficult for larger families to be afforded the same learning experience as their privileged peers. 

NAACP Branch 1034 SW Riverside Chapter is so grateful to our community for assisting us with this effort.  We are investing in the future  of young black lives that really do matter. Our mission is to serve those that need the most support.


Thank you




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