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We Got You Covered CA.


Branch 1034 partnered with the Health Initiative Covered Ca., to make sure our communities have the proper health insurance and are covered by the mandated timeframe. 

Forget what you heard!

You need the Facts and you need the Facts Fast!!!What you need to know about Covered California and the We Got You Covered CA. Enrollement TeamCovered California offers a range of health plans so you can choose the one that best meets your financial and health needs.


  • Financial assistance is available to help lower costs for people who qualify based on income. The amount of any financial assistance will be determined on a sliding scale, which means the lower your income, the more help you may receive.

  • Get Premium coverage regardless of Pre-Existing conditionsPlans that will allow you to keep your current doctor and reduce current cost.Covered California has created a marketplace specially designed for small businesses to compare and purchase health coverage for their employees.

  • We Got You Covered CA. is a Certified Enrollment Team prepared to sign you up while making the process much easier than you doing it on your own.We offer secure enrollment locations throughout Inland Empire and San Diego.



Our Team is dedicated to giving you the best service experience during this very important decision for you and your family.We Got You Covered CA. is the #1 Certified Enrollment Team in SW Riverside county, eager to answer all of your questions, assist you in choosing the best coverage, and help with the enrollment process for FREE Today!  Click here

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